Indoor Plants You Should Have

  • Basil - Improves both moods and recipes, basil has positive effects that come from linalool.

  • English Ivy - Easy to care for and helps you breathe better, English Ivy naturally cleans the air.

  • Geraniums - Pretty and cheerful colors, thought to promote peace of mind :)

  • Lavender - Literally good for everything, lavender soothes anxiety and is also beautiful to look at.

  • Boston Fern - Great at filtering the air much like Ivy, removing up to 1863 toxins per hour!

  • Roses - According to studies, seeing roses makes you feel more relaxed and at peace. The smell is an added bonus!

  • Peace Lily - An organic air purifier that brings peace indoors.

  • Orchids - Bring beauty to dark winter days with orchids and bring positive energy to your room.

  • Rosemary - With a beautiful aroma, rosemary has a history of bringing peace and calming to an area.

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