Situational Depression

situational depression checklist
  • Check any of the following that you have experienced most days for longer than two weeks:

  • I often feel sad or irritable

  • I no longer enjoy the things I once enjoyed

  • I feel guilty and/or worthless much of the time

  • My sleeping patterns have changed

  • Sometimes it feels like I am moving in slow motion or moving too fast

  • My eating patterns have changed

  • I think about death a lot and/or have wanted to die

  • I have little energy and/or feel fatigued

  • The future seems hopeless to me

  • I have trouble thinking clearly and/or making decisions

  • Now respond to these questions with a check mark for a \'yes\' and leave blank for \'no\'. 

  • These symptoms are affecting my ability to work.

  • These symptoms are interfering with my relationships (parenting, friends, spouse/partner).

  • I have noticed that my health is suffering (weight loss/gain, sleep changes, lack of exercise).

  • My finances are negatively affected by these symptoms

  • I am isolated and withdrawn emotionally and/or socially

  • When situational depression becomes clinical depression, it is time to talk to someone about it.  If you checked four or more in the first set of statements, and one or more in the second set of statements, please reach out to us, your Dr or your therapist to make an appointment.  

This checklist was created by lneumen

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