Top Calming Crystals For Anxiety

  • Jet - Used since ancient times for protection and to release negative energy, jet protects you from outside energies and helps you rid your body of negative energy.

  • Blue Lace Agate - One of the best crystals for anxiety and stress relief, blue lace agate brings you peace of mind and helps calm your nerves. Carry this stone with you or wear as a bracelet.

  • Lepidolite - A natural carrier of lithium, Lepidolite brings balance during times of anxiety and stress and is great to use during meditation.

  • Shungite - Known to reduce anxiety and cure insomnia, Shungite is an ancient healing stone nearly 2 billion years old. Used to rid negative energies.

  • Black Tourmaline - A very powerful stone that eases worries and fears and is used as a \'security blanket.\' Hold the stone in your hand and visualize your fears disappearing.

  • Flourite - Known as the \'rainbow keeper,\' flourite brings vibrations of peace and tranquility. Flourite is the chill pill of the mineral kingdom.

  • Angelite - The stone of guardian angels. This stone reminds you that you are never alone and connects you with the celestial realm. Peace and calming effects.

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