List Of Best Dieting Apps

  • Lose It! - A free app designed for tracking weight loss goals, exercise, and connect with peers for support.

  • MyFitnessPal - Another free app that takes the difficulty out of calorie counting and fitness tracking.

  • Fooducate - Select the healthiest options and track our food and exercise.

  • Pact - A free app that monitors your food and your fitness...but you can win money when you meet your goals!

  • Calorific - This app helps you manage food choices by providing food visuals and helping you learn about nutrient intake.

  • My Food Diary - A great food tracking app that has hundreds of thousands of choices including restaurants and fast foods.

  • Diet Watchers Diary - Cost is only $2.99 for unlimited points calculator (Weight Watchers), food diary, and weight tracker.

  • My Diet Coach - Free app that brings fun to weight loss. You can activate the \'panic\' button to avoid cravings!

  • Daily Burn - With a 30-day free trial, new workouts are added every day and you can access yoga, core workouts, strength training, cardio, and so much more.

  • FatSecret - For free, track your food intake and physical activity as well as manage your weight loss goals.

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