24 Things to do in Rome

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  • Stroll through the gladiator tunnels in the Colossem

  • Check out the ruins of the Roman Forum

  • Pass by the hustle and bustle of Roma Termini station

  • Once at the station, why not take a train! Day trips are easy & quite common in Italy. Simply hop onto the next train leaving the station and see where it takes you!

  • Take a evening walk near the center of Rome, and take in an atmosphere of lights, live music and street artists

  • Drink from a water fountain - really, it\'s actually wonderful and CLEAN drinking water!

  • Treat yourself to real Italian gelato

  • Toss a coin in the Trevi fountain and make a wish

  • Take a break in one of the numerous piazzas, like the iconic Piazza di Campidoglio or Piazza di San Pietro, to rest your feet and have an espresso

  • Enjoy a romantic restaurant that you pick at random - simply finding it by foot. The bustle of the outdoor cafe scene will lead you to some of the most charming little nooks

  • Order real Italian pasta and piazza! Hey, "When in Rome..." so why not?

  • If you\'re up for it, trade soda for wine, and taste some of that delicious local nectar

  • Visit the impressive city state, Vatican city. You can even schedule a quick meet & greet with Pope Francis (http://www.papalaudience.org/)

  • Take a fun selfie with the Swiss Guard

  • Take a walk around Campo dei Fiori, where there\'s a beautiful street market filled with colorful booths of genuine Italian products

  • Treat yourself to a genuine Italian leather item, like a jacket, purse, wallet, etc.

  • Opt for a in-the-moment portrait or caricature in Piazza Navona

  • Take a peek inside the Sistine Chapel

  • For Dan Brown fans, check off your list The Pantheon, Piazza del Popolo, Church of Santa Maria del Popolo, and more (https://goo.gl/B17xkr)

  • Get lost in Trastevere - an iconically Roman district filled with charm and nuance

  • Rent a vespa! (https://goo.gl/NKpfNc)

  • Go up the Spanish Steps - you won\'t regret it for the view

  • Sign up for a cooking class https://goo.gl/dfo582

  • Master the basics in Italian language with this guide: https://goo.gl/VoKGbo

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