Listing Meeting Folder

  • Pocket #1

  • IABS Form

    Make sure to hand this to the seller(s).  Agents have been fined for not doing so.

  • Seller Information Sheet

    If you recommend a title company that sends a Seller\'s Information Sheet, once a property goes under contract, go ahead and have them complete.  One less thing to worry about later.

  • Tax Printout

    Print the data sheet using Realist Tax.  Highlight the homeowner name(s) to make sure the spelling is correct and confirm there are no other parties involved.  

    This is a great time to ask them if they have additional liens on the property (i.e. swimming pool, HVAC, roofer).  Sometimes sellers don\'t think about this and they get to closing expecting a much higher net.

  • Pocket #2

  • CMA or Recent Area Sales Data

    Some people like beautiful charts and graphs and others just want the raw data.

    I usually ask them which they prefer. 

  • ShowingTime Activity Report

    Go to ShowingTime and click on Reports on the left

  • Net Sheet

    I would ask them ahead of time how much they pay in tax each year.  You need to account for their homestead exemption. 

    Highlight the estimated sales price

  • Pocket #3

  • Estimated Timeline for Listing Prep

  • Estimated Timeline for Contract to Close

  • Pocket #4

  • Listing and Marketing Packet

  • Resume

  • Pocket #5

  • Place a Sticky Note on Pocket "Is there an available survey"

  • Listing Agreement

  • Pocket #6

  • List of Repairs and Upgrades

  • Additional Property Information

  • Listing Meeting Notes

  • Different Types of Property Showings

  • Seller\'s Disclosure

  • T-47 Affidavit

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