Overflow Cafe SEO Checklist

  • Your logo must link to your home page

  • Your main menu should not have too many choices

  • Make sure you have a footer

  • Your main menu should also be located in your footer

  • Make a valid privacy policy

  • Use 1-2 fonts max

  • Use a large enough font size

  • Have a full contact page with as much valid contact info as possible

  • Have an about us page with a company history

  • Remove anti copy plugins from your site

  • Have a valid SSL

  • Make sure your site loads well on mobile

  • Remove stock photos

  • The most important information should be above the fold before the user has to scroll

  • Have excellent content (words, pictures, videos) on each page

  • Place links to any of your social media accounts

  • Update your social media profiles and link to your website

  • Make sure your visitors understand the areas you service / ship to

  • Have a valid 404 page

This checklist was created by overflowcafe

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