Achieve 10,000 daily steps

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  • Walk your dog (if you have any) farther than usual. Feel like you don\'t have time to? Yes you do. Wake up earlier.

  • Take the stairs, not the elevator, when possible. 4 flights up? Go for it! 8 flights up? You\'re my hero!

  • Take walk outside on your lunch break, even if you brought food to work. Get outside for a few minutes and stroll around the block.

  • Park farther away from the entrance than you usually do in parking lots.

  • If you take public transportation, get off the bus or subway 1-2 stops early.

  • Walk more often to a fountain or drink machine for water. (This will also help you keep more hydrated!)

  • Walk for 1 hour in the morning or evening. Waking up can be hard, but this is just walking - nothing strenuous! You can do it.

  • If something - anything - you need is 5 minutes or less in walking distance, why drive there? Walk.

  • Do you have multiple grocery bags loaded in your car? Good! Walk each bag individually into the house. Back and forth to the car.

  • Do you stand much of the time at work? If the answer to that is YES, you can step in place, like a stationary marcher. It might sound silly, but even this helps.

  • Feeling full after a dinner? Take an easy night stroll to walk it off.

  • Instead of emailing or calling a co-worker, why not walk over to their desk to chat in person?

  • When you\'re on one of those long-winded phone calls with family/friends, walk some circles around the house. You\'d be surprised how much it adds up!

  • ***The point is this - adding more steps to your day is not a difficult task. You simply must put the lazy mindset aside and just get to it.***

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