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  • Color palette - the color story used in your logo, icons, marketing imagery, and more. Consider a mix of neutrals & accent colors.

  • Logo - do you have just 1, or also other variations used for particular purposes? Include the primary and all secondary versions.

  • Icons or Submark - do you have a small picture/illustration or an abbreviated version of your logo that you use as imagery? Include all.

  • Typography - decide on 2-3 fonts that will be implemented for any promotional or marketing material. List the alphabet in both upper & lowercase, as well as numbers.

  • Patterns - Will you be incorporating certain prints or patterns to the backgrounds or fills in your imagery? (i.e. polkadots, flower repeats, rainbow). Show one repeat of all.

  • SMM Accounts - What social media does your company or brand take part in? List all buttons.

  • Sample Mood Board - do you have small captures of what you could use for a "mood board"? This imagery is very helpful to convey your personality, tastes, interests, and overall creative feel.

  • List of Descriptive words - what are roughly 4 words or phrases to describe your brand? (i.e. soft, flirty, natural, neutral, lively, colorful, hipster, mature, sturdy, strong, warm, etc.)

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