10 Ways Dealers Can Increase Sales

  • Use a dealer locator on your website to help customers find you (free at Storemapper.com)

  • Engage with potential customers via social media.

  • Encourage happy buyers to leave you online ratings and reviews on places like Facebook, Google, and Yelp.

  • Invest in local marketing.

  • Paid search ads

  • Local SEO

  • Local social media

  • Billboards

  • Radio and/or TV ads

  • Host local Events like sales, giveaways, auctions.

  • Create a local website with your brand name, products, and location.

  • Add customer testimonials to your website.

  • Take time for ongoing education and training to remain knowledgeable and confident in front of customers (i.e. webinars, articles, emails, videos, etc.)

  • Take part in community functions, like supporting charity or sponsoring an event.

  • Offer incentives to customers like referral programs or freebies.

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