How to add Google Maps to a Shopify Store

  • Using a Store Locator App

  • Find the app on the Shopify app store (for example, Store Locator by Storemapper)

  • Install it on your Shopify page (through the Shopify app store)

  • Upload your store’s location

  • Customize your map

  • Save and publish your store\'s page

  • Using an embedded Google Map

  • Create a account via Storemapper and simply embed the code onto your Shopify site

  • Using the Google Cloud Platform

  • Create a project for Storemapper (you will be prompted when logging in)

  • Agree to terms & conditions

  • Create a billing account (a credit card will need to be added in case you go over Google\'s free quota)

  • Under API\'s & Services, select "credentials" and then "create API code"

  • Copy this API code into your Storemapper dashboard under Settings and Map provider

  • Back in the Google cloud platform, Select "Library" from the task bar

  • Search for the three API\'s - Geocoding, Maps Javascript and Places and enable

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