The Business of Antiques: Content Marketing for Antique Dealers

Content Marketing for Antique Dealers
  • Create A Content Plan

  •  Who is your target audience? Describe your ideal clients for your antique business. Create buyer personas to determine what your audience wants to know more about and what information and expertise you can share with them.

  • Create a Content Strategy: What types of content attracts people who buy antiques - or who you think should buy antiques? Videos? Blogs? Photos? Podcasts? Newsletters? Email? 

  • Make a monthly and annual Content Calendar that describes the types of content that your ideal clients want, where to share that content and when is the best time to share your original content. 

  • Choose 2-3 social media platforms that your ideal clients visit frequently.

  • Make a Social Media Calendar - what to post, when to post, and where to share it    

  • Decide who is going to create your content, promote it and monitor the results.  

  • Build A Business Blog  

  • What\'s the point of having a blog if no one reads it? 

  • Write useful content that your target audience of current and potential antique buyers wants to read and learn about. 

  • Optimize your blog using SEO strategies so that people and search engines can understand and find your blog. 

  • Perform keyword analysis to understand what topics your target audience is searching for online - and use those keywords to drive traffic to your content. 

  • Antiques are very visual - so your antiques blog should have lots of images that appeal to visual and creative buyers.  

  • Identify local and national design, lifestyle and trends and create opportunities to use them in your content marketing, such a #ShopSustainably, #NationalSmallBusinessWeek, #SmallBusinessSaturday, #AntiquesAreGreen, holidays, interior design trends and small business marketing promotions. 

  • Promote your blog on the social media channels that your audience lives on - Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook. 

  • Engage with your followers: respond to all questions and comments, Like or Follow back when appropriate. 

  • Analyze and Adapt

  • A competitive analysis helps you understand and jump ahead of your competitors, whether they are online, in your neighborhood or across the globe. 

  • Invite other design and lifestyle bloggers, satisfied clients and business partners to share your content.

  • Analyze your competitors\' websites, marketing and social media sites - where do they share content, how frequently, and how much engagement is there? 

  • Use Google Analytics and social media analytics to find out what content is getting the most views, engagement and is driving traffic to your website or to your place of business.

  • Audit and adapt your content marketing strategy and social media profiles at minimum every 6 months to stay accurate, relevant and understand what\'s working for you - and what isn\'t.

  • Track and analyze how increased content marketing is impacting your antique business\' growth. Look for new and missed opportunities to generate more traffic, leads and revenue. 

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