Dare Bootcamp

  • Open sales landing page, 2 weeks before start

  • Change text on Bootcamp page to reflect the current dates

  • Change the tag in Zapier

  • Create new Facebook page

  • Check the email start date in Infusionsoft

  • Schedule Michelle calls in Instantell

  • Create new Google Doc Bootcamp

  • Set dates in Dap to reflect the new dates

  • Days prior

  • Confirm cell numbers with people

  • Send a text to bootcamp members

  • Information emails sent 2 days before

  • Queue people in Infusionsoft

  • Schedule messages in BulkSMS

  • Check people received there text messages

  • During Bootcamp

  • Saturday reminder email

  • Saturday reminder text

  • Schedule Text Messages

  • Import contacts to Bulk SMS

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