Learning the Basics of Football

  • Teams on the field - There\'s three different types of teams on the field at once

  • Offence - This team has possession of the ball and their goal is to score.

  • Defense - This lineup tries to stop the other team from scoring.

  • Specialty Teams- They only come on the field when the ball needs to be kicked (punt, field goals, kickoffs)

  • The Plays

  • First: The snap starts the play - the ball is hiked to the quarterback.

  • Second: When the quarterback throws the ball the offenses goal (team with the ball) is to get to the end zone with the ball in order to score). They are given 4 tries to make it.

  • Third: When the offense is running with the ball, if they run at least 10 yards toward their goal line, they get another 4 tries to score.

  • Fourth: If a player with the ball is tackled and both of their knees touch the ground or they run out of bounds, that play is over and they have one less try to make it.

  • Fifth: If the offense (team with the ball) doesn\'t make a touch down in their 4 chances, their turn is over and the other team gets the ball.

  • The Points

  • Touchdown - When a player gets the ball in the end zone and scores = 6 points.

  • Field Goal - After a touchdown the kicker kicks the ball through the goal posts = 3 points.

  • Extra-Point - Ball is placed in the opponets 2-yard line where they can eother kick an extra point through the goal posts or = 1 point.

  • Two point conversion - The offence can try running or throwing the ball in to the end zone (just like trying to score a touch down) = 2 points.

  • Safety - This happens when the offensive team gets tackled in the end zone = 2 points.

  • Basic Terms

  • Snap - When the play first begins and the ball is thrown to the quarterback

  • Interception - When the ball is snapped to the quarterback then the quarterback gets tackled before he gets a chance to trow the ball.

  • Tackle - When the person who has the ball gets "tackled". If this happens the play is over.

  • Congratulations! Know you know at least a little to get by. I\'m sure the game will be a little less boring now too!

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