• speaker demo video that\'s a few minutes long (either unedited or professionally edited)

  • clearly state your speaking topic and demographic (if known)

  • professional headshot

  • speaking in action pictures (at least 3 different looks)

  • professional bio (around one page) Highlight your BEST stuff!

  • 3 presentations including titles and full descriptions for each

  • contact form on website

  • social proof through written and or video testimonials (5-10)

  • calendar of upcoming events or list of clients (if you have a lot of engagements) or a "sampling of clients using logos" (if you don\'t have too many)

  • (optional) a story of how you got into speaking about this subject


  • a designed PDF that includes pictures of you speaking, testimonials, bio, presentation titles and descriptions, pricing options, contact info

  • link to your speaking video

  • GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS (When people Google you, they need to see results that you exist and are credible. Aim to have all or at least two from the list below.)

  • write articles as a guest blogger on someone else\'s blog or your blog.

  • fully completed social media profiles with professional headshot as your profile picture (keep same image across all mediums) and full descriptions for twitter, linkedin, facebook

  • news article written about you and your work (can be something local, doesn\'t have to be national)

  • videos on YouTube that show you speaking or speaking on your topic

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