17 Money Saving Tips

save money save money
  • Open a savings account, and add some of your earnings into it every month

  • Revise your cell phone bill, and opt for a better contract -- maybe even switching providers

  • Monitor your own spending with helpful apps like Mint and YNAB

  • Drive less! Choose public transportation or biking as opposed to driving, saving you money on gas a tolls.

  • Do your own home repairs and maintenance. Not everything needs to be professionally handled!

  • Monitor your use of the AC/heater and turn them off when bearable

  • Always turn off lights in the rooms of your home that are not in use, or all lights in the house when you leave

  • Detach your TV - and yourSEL - from cable

  • Explore inexpensive hobbies like simple crafts, running, home gardening, and reading

  • Eat at home more

  • Be sure to save unused ingredients from one meal, and find ways to incorporate them in the next meal

  • Invest in a slow cooker - delicious, easy, and quick meals!

  • Don\'t be afraid to buy "off brands" or generic brands in the grocery store

  • Drink more tap water, and less of other beverages

  • Explore the fun of thrift store shopping

  • Fix and sew your own clothing

  • Plan yard sales to rid of - and make money on! - items you no longer use

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