What’s Your Fitness DNA?

fitness dna Be unstoppable. Your time and energy is precious. Work out with intention: have fun AND get results.
  • Am I working out consistently? Department of Health and Human Services recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous activity per week.

  • Am I motivated to work out on my own?

  • Do I ENJOY my workouts? Even look forward to them?

  • Do I enjoy working out alone or with other people? i.e., Running v. Boot Camp

  • Am I getting a variety of physical activities and workouts?

  • How often do I check in at my gym/studio? (If less than twice a month, RED FLAG!)

  • Do I have an instructor or trainer I follow?

  • Do I frequently cancel/reschedule my training sessions?

  • What amenities and/or services am I using at my gym?

  • Do I use more than one area of the gym? (If you don\'t know HOW to use the machines + equipment, RED FLAG)

  • Do I take more than one class at the gym/studio?

  • Do I have multiple fitness memberships? If so, do I use them equally?

  • Am I seeing or tracking results of my workouts and/or overall goals?

  • Do I ever work out at home?

  • Have I purchased home fitness equipment and allowed it to go unused?

  • What physical activities FEEL like fun or PLAY? Jumping rope? Dancing? Check out http://checkli.com/checklists/view/59f9f85c3f800. The Fitness Play-List can drive what workouts most motivate you.

  • If you are not clear on most of these questions or hit an \'ah-ha\' that you are wasting your money for no results...it\'s time to seek a new fitness program that suits YOUR Fitness DNA!

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