The self-care checklist that will refresh new mamas Julie Burton

self-care checklist for new mamas self-care checklist for new mamas
  • In the months after your baby is born, in addition to honoring your baby’s needs, keep this self-assessment nearby as a daily reminder of your self-care needs.

  • I will aim to take a hot shower or bath today or tonight.

  • I will eat at least one nourishing meal while sitting down at a table. 

  • I will keep myself hydrated throughout the day and night. 

  • I will make sure I laugh today. I may need to call a friend who can find humor in anything or watch a funny show or video.

  • At least once today, even for just a few moments, I will ground myself by connecting with gratitude or making a spiritual connection—maybe through meditation, prayer, yoga, deep breathing or a centering exercise like writing or reading. 

  • I will move my body today by taking a short walk around the block or up and down the stairs, doing 10 minutes of stretching or yoga, or dancing in the kitchen while heating up a bottle. 

  • I will connect with my partner about something other than the baby. Maybe I will send a thoughtful text, hug or kiss him/her at least once during the day or night, or share a glass of wine or cup of tea after kids are in bed. 

  • I will do something for myself today that makes me feel special and ignites inner joy? Maybe I will treat myself to a manicure when grandma watches the baby, buy a new fun-colored lipstick, or meet a friend for a walk or lunch?

  • I will honor my body’s need for sleep by forgoing cleaning, laundry, emails and cooking (dinner will just have to be later or I will ask my partner to cook) if I can grab an extra hour of sleep when the baby is sleeping. 

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