Soccer Bag Checklist for Teens

soccer bag soccer bag
  • Essential gear—includes all the obvious things like shin guards, goalie gear, cleats, socks, etc.

  • Soccer Ball

  • Mouth guards

  • Hair ties and headbands to keep hair out of the way

  • Hairbrush

  • Small first aid kit—include bandaids, antibiotic ointment, disinfectant wipes, ibuprofen/Tylenol, an instant cold pack, and a few large bandages for bigger scrapes

  • Sunscreen/lip balm

  • Bug spray 

  • Plastic bag for wet uniforms and stinky socks

  • Warm-up pants

  • Long-sleeved sports shirts and sports leggings for cold weather games

  • Beanie or winter headband

  • Soccer sandals or other slip on shoes for after the game

  • Phone—especially important when parents can\'t attend the game

  • Snacks—healthy, high protein snacks and fruit are best

  • Water bottle

  • Sports drink

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