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  • 1. Dry Shampoo – For the days (and days, and days…) you don’t get to shower. Tame the grease and dirt with a little spritz of dry shampoo. 

  • 2. Postpartum PJ’s – Treat yourself to some fresh, comfortable pajamas. Several sets. I bought one great nursing pj set that made it easy to nurse and I lived in it. I should have bought ten of them.

  • 3. Eye Mask – Comfort your poor tired and puffy eyes. These will help you with the bags under your eyes as well as soothe them. Not only were my eyes so tired from lack of sleep but also from excessive crying for no reason. 

  • 4. Baby Wrap – This may seem like a “baby” item but this one really is for you. Keeps your baby happy and calm while being able to do things freely. Plus, this will keep you from having a sore back and neck from ackwardly trying to carry a baby in one arm and live your life with the other.

  • 5. Help – Your mom, mother-in-law, friends, family… anyone that wants to help – LET THEM. When they say let me know if you need anything? Let them know. Don’t try and be a hero (you already are).

  • 6. Fresh Manicure (or something that equally makes you feel pretty and put together) – This depends on you. Is there something that just makes you FEEL good? For me a fresh mani always does that, no matter what my hair or face or clothes look like! It’s important to not feel like a complete disaster.

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