10 Things to Tell Your Kids Before Giving Them a Smartphone [Checklist]

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  • Talk to your kids about what is appropriate and inappropriate content online, and why it\'s important to steer clear of the dark areas of the web.

  • Schedule device screen time so you are in control of when your children can access and use certain features on their mobile devices.

  • Keep devices age-appropriate and apply age-specific settings to block all but age-appropriate sites and apps on your child\'s devices.

  • Restrict app and in-app purchases so your next phone bill won\'t arrive jam-packed with surprise app purchases.

  • 10 Things To Tell Your Kids

  • 1. Get a case to protect your smartphone

  • 2. When you\'re in class, focus on your teacher, not on your phone — put your phone is Silent Mode to keep it from buzzing during class

  • 3. Communicate the consequences if your kids don\'t call you back — and then follow through with it if they abuse their privileges

  • 4. Don\'t text and drive (if they\'re old enough)

  • 5. Don\'t say things online you wouldn\'t want grandma to read (things said online are forever

  • 6. Lock your phone with a password, so the data stored on it stays safe

  • 7. Don\'t share your passwords

  • 8. Keep pictures appropriate — don\'t take pics you don\'t want me to see

  • 9. Don\'t connect to open public Wi-Fi networks

  • 10. Explain to your kids why you will be monitoring their browsing activities, if you use an iOS parental control product like Family Protector

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