Daily Store Closing Checklist

Daily Store Closing Daily Store Closing
  • Start closing procedures at a certain time, or when the person in charge says it’s OK. Don’t rush customers out long before the advertised closing time. 

  • Announce to customers that you’re closing soon. You also might lock the doors to new customers at a particular time. 

  • When the last customers leave, signal that you’re closed with appropriate signage. 

  • Walk the store and do any necessary straightening, cleaning, or decluttering. The opening people depend on this being done properly. 

  • Restock shelves at this time, or as needed, but don’t interrupt customers unnecessarily. 

  • Make sure all shelves, racks, and displays are properly filled and arranged. Customers often don’t put things back correctly. 

  • Empty all trash receptacles and discard boxes and packing materials left in storage areas. 

  • Close out all registers or the POS system. Count the cash and reconcile it and credit payments with sales. Do all necessary cross-checks based on your internal controls. 

  • Based on your procedures, you might take some cash to another spot, such as the back office, for later deposit.

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