A Free Bike Safety Checklist

bike safety bike safety
  • Check frame size

  • Both feet should be !at on the ground

  • Ensure handlebars & brakes can be reached easily

  • Check saddle

  • Look for rips or tears

  • Adjust to comfortable height

  • Make sure it’s properly secured

  • Check handlebars

  • Ends should be covered and grips secured

  • Knees should not touch the handlebar

  • Check brakes

  • Look for brake pads that are worn

  • Check for frayed cables

  • Test both front and back brakes

  • A gap should be between levers and handlebars

  • Check tyres

  • In!ate front and back tyres

  • Look for balding or fraying 

  • See there is no holes or tears

  • Check wheels

  • See that the front and back wheels spin freely

  • Look for loose or broken spokes

  • Check for damage to rims

  • Check pedals

  • See that they spin freely

  • Look for any breaks or splits

  • Check gears

  • Look to see cables are capped and not frayed

  • Check chain

  • Look for excess grease or sagging

  • See that it moves smootly

  • Check bell, lights & re!ectors

  • Check that the lights are functioning

  • Check to see re!ectors are tight and secure

  • Check that a bell, horn or other warning device is attached to the handlebars

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