Perfect Email Pitch Script

Pitch Perfect Pitch Perfect
  • The Script:

  • (Clever Subject Line)  

  • Dear (Correctly-spelled name): 

  • I am _______, and I am writing today because _______. 

  • I’d love to work with you because _______. (The things you need to know) _______. 

  • If you’re a yes, ______.  Thank you so much, and if you (need me to circle back/have questions/need other ideas) please let me know.

  • Best, Tiffany

  • PS. (optional) 

  • Your links

  • 2 weeks after original email:

  • (Forward original email) 

  • Dear (Correctly-spelled name):

  • I wanted to check in on my previous email (below). I’d still love to _________ if you’re available. 

  • Thanks so much! 

  • Tiffany

  • (original email here)

  • 1 week after first follow-up:

  • (Forward original email) 

  • Hi (Correctly-spelled name): 

  • I wanted to follow up again in case you’re interested in _______. If not, no worries. 

  • Thanks so much, and please let me know if you have any questions!  

  • Tiffany 

  • (original email here)

  • Pre-Pitch: 

  • Check for submission guidelines 

  • Check social media 

  • Check your spelling

  • Check your spelling

  • The pitch clearly illustrates what you can do for them? 

  • Breathe. 

  • Repeat after me: I am a rockstar. 

  • Post-Pitch: 

  • Celebrate! You did it!

  • Make a note for following up on your calendar 

  • Look ahead

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