• Purpose

  • Discuss (& then outline) purpose of society - i.e. Aims/Objectives

  • Discuss/brainstorm tentative types of events (to guide how we write constitution)

  • Create constitution

  • Finalise executive positions/roles

  • Establish election/voting protocol

  • Outline fee structure (if any)

  • Go over as a group to find any other things we\'d want to alter/include 

  • Compare with other constitutions of similar orgs (e.g. lawsoc, etc.) to see if we\'ve missed anything

  • Committees and subcommittees 

  • Brainstorm potential committees/subcommittees 

  • Establish potential committees/roles thereof (& roles of members)

  • Estimate costs of various events - useful to ascertain what\'s viable with limited funding (& therefore what committees we\'d need/be able to establish) 

  • IGM

  • PRIORITY: Establish what the actual fuck an IGM is (shouting a maxibon to whoever can work out what the I stands for)

  • Work out numbers (we need 15 - brainstorm who\'d be on board, & advertising strategy)

  • Location/Date for IGM

  • Approval

  • Gain approval from constituent school (PPE)

  • Housekeeping/Logistics

  • Finalise a name

  • Design/delegate someone to design a logo

  • Bank signatories - establish what this entails, who is able/willing

  • Creating Social Media 

  • Create Facebook page/group

  • Create official email

  • Create Instagram (optional but lit nonetheless) 

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