Outsourcing Tips for Antique Dealers

Outsourcing For Antique Dealers
  • Tasks and Jobs Antiques Dealers Can Outsource 

  • Website Design and Updates:  You may have the skills and interest to build your own website - but do you have the time?  

  • Graphic Design:  Creating a logo, creating social media templates, business cards, posters and other collateral materials. 

  • Product Photography:  If your antique business sells online, you will need high quality photos that show the features and flaws of all the pieces you are selling.

  • Content Writing and Marketing:  Are you good at talking about antiques - but bad at writing product descriptions, website pages, social media posts and blogs? 

  • Social Media Marketing:  Once you have your product photos and descriptions and they’re all loaded on your website, to sell online you need to promote your inventory on social. Tip: You can also outsource uploading your inventory to your website! 

  • Virtual Assistant:  A VA can do many different tasks from hiring your freelancers to scheduling your antique sourcing trips to handling your social media to designing business cards to writing your blogs. A good VA may be expert at one task - or at many tasks that your antiques business needs. 

  • Antique Sourcing:  Yes - AD&CO provides antique sourcing and buying services in Europe, Asia and the US!     Ask Toma:  toma@antiquesdiva.com

  • Learn How To Make Your Passion For Antiques Profitable from Experts Who Understand The Business of Antiques https://antiquesdiva.com/training-program-for-antique-dealers 

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