Increase Your Exposure By Marketing

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  • 1. Your Ideal Customer

  • Work finding out Who ideal Customer is by answering multiple in- depth questions. In doing so, you\'ll to better sell to them in the future.

  • "My Ideal Client" Worksheets (3 pages)

  • My Competitors Analysis

  • 2. Plan Your Marketing

  • Never market on a whim! Sit down and plan each Of your marketing tactics and campaigns the month year).

  • Monthly Marketing Calendar

  • Yearly Marketing Strategies

  • General Marketing Plan

  • 3. Pick Your Strategy

  • Determine which marketing strategy is you by working through multiple worksheets. You\'ll find that many will work for your business and help to increase your exposure!

  • Ad Template

  • Email Template

  • Email Sales Funnel

  • Discounts

  • Collaborations

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