25 Tasks Examples A Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

Small business Virtual assistant
  • Research industry social media post options

  • Compile and clean up contact lists

  • Set up layout of Newsletter

  • Create, Edit, and Publish Newsletter

  • Maintain the backend of the website

  • Publish and edit posts for the website

  • Create logo images

  • Create images for website posts

  • Create images for publications

  • Create information packets

  • Set up content for an e-book

  • Proofread / edit other material

  • Design forms for clients and employees

  • Create checklists for employee use

  • Write up policy information for employees

  • Help with online webinars

  • Transcribe notes from recording or dictation

  • Manage incoming general emails

  • Write or edit promotional copies for printing or the web

  • Add SEO optimization to existing blog posts

  • Updated and review banking transactions

  • Reconcile bank accounts

  • Go through A/R receipts

  • Invoice clients and schedule bills for company

  • Help manage a calendar or appointment

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