The Ultimate New Hire Checklist

Employee Hire a New Employee
  • Housekeeping items before the employee\'s first day:


  • Personnel

  • Payroll

  • Benefits

  • IT


  • Desk setup from facilities department.

  • Software/hardware for new hire\'s specific role.

  • Email is added to Employee Directory and distribution lists.

  • Phone and voicemail setup.


  • Gather new hire paperwork from payroll and benefits.

  • Organize new hire lunch.

  • Print nametags for new hire orientation.

  • Schedule badge and employee photos.

  • Prepare parking permit information/ paperwork (if applicable).

  • Set up timesheet(s) (optional).

  • Awesome extras that will surprise and delight:

  • Get welcome card and have recruiting team sign.

  • Order and place balloons on new hireS desk.

  • Order breakfast to be delivered to orientation.

  • Plan icebreaker activities for orientation.

  • Order company schwag: t-shirts, notebooks, pens, water bottles.

  • Mail a t-shirt and welcome note to their home address.

  • Have hiring manager and teammates text or email new hires, expressing their excitement to have them join.

  • Load USB stick with welcome videos, benefits videos and new hire welcome guide. Send to new hires home I week before first day.

  • Arrange for hiring managers to meet new hire after orientation.

  • Book with exec leader for orientation.

  • Have hiring manager identify employee(s) With similar responsibilities to be a coach/mentor.

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