Best Practices For Managing Remote Workers

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  • Create A Team Culture

  • Remote or not, it is critical to create a team culture, To do this engage with your team to for ideas to enable personal connection to occur within the team and broader business.

  • This can be as complicated as setting a team charter to creating your own team hashtags #mememonday #virtualcoffeetuesday #winningwednesday etc.

  • Ensure Multiple Communication Options

  • Don\'t under estimate the need for frequent communications. Remote team members cant just Stop by for a chat. Schedule times in your day where your are free to chat via Messenger.

  • Or Slack or Other chat options. Equally encourage \'block out\' or do not disturb times to allow time for the \'doing\'. Communicate 25% more than you would in an office environment.

  • Set Clear Goals

  • Articulate objectives clearly. Define what success looks like, Detail time frames & requirements needed. Leverage project management tools & ensure team members save / upload daily to a common drive.

  • Annual Hackathons & Team Planning Days

  • A hack-a-thon is a period of time in which your remote teams comes together for a solid month of intense work.

  • This time allows you to regroup, and plan the next projects In-depth for the upcoming year. Everyone has the ability to input ideas or throw up suggestions.

  • Open dialogue during these events is crucial to their success, as it provides grounds for creative brilliance. Plus, it allows your team to interact face-to-face. forming more concrete bonds.

  • Ensure Your Team Has Access To Right Tech

  • To ensure positive output from your team, it is critical for them to have the right tools.

  • From quality headsets, to access to share drives via VPN, access to conference call and video conference facilities and reliable internet access.

  • Schedule Regular face to face meetings

  • Schedule regular face to face time With your team members. One on one meetings can be conducted via video. Also schedule face time in person, for coaching, performance reviews & building relationship.

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