Great HR Practices Checklist

HR Practices
  • Dedicated to improving HR practices

  • Powerful hiring process

  • Use of skills testing and personality assessments

  • Extensive background checks

  • Team interviewing

  • Powerful onboarding/orientation process

  • Continuous training of management- compliance and leadership

  • Sexual harassment training for all managers and employees

  • Up-to-date employee handbook and personnel policies

  • Proper use of offer letters and contracts

  • Compliance with wage and hour obligations

  • Powerful retention/turnover prevention strategies

  • Powerful performance management system

  • Employee surveys and focus groups

  • Proper discipline and termination techniques

  • Proper handling of employee complaints

  • Creating a positive employee experience

  • Regular scorecarding or reporting of HR status

  • Auditing compliance practices

  • "Hotline" support from experienced employment lawyers

  • Purchase of employment practices liability insurance

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