Onboarding a New Virtual Team Member

Onboarding a New Virtual Team Member
  • Have a plan in place - for example send them a schedule of what they can expect the next few days. This is also something you can create and reuse

  • Meet with your current team. Explain new hire\'s role, tasks, and communication lines

  • Set up a welcome call with new hire and team. Include the following.

  • Introduction to the business and the team

  • The chance for them to introduce themselves and give some background

  • Have each team members go through and explain what their role is on the team

  • Explain the core values, mission statement and vision statement for the company

  • Give a brief overview of what they can expect in the coming weeks, especially if it involves training with other members of your team

  • You can let your other team members hop off and you can walk through legal stuff, go over the paperwork required and any additional information they may need to have.

  • Make sure they know their next steps

  • Make sure your new hire knows how to communicate throughout the company

  • Set them up on slack on another tool your company uses

  • Would not recommend email

  • Adjust your expectations for their first week

  • Give your new hire time to adjust to their new role

  • Provide feedback

  • Give praise or give confidence when needed

  • Schedule a meeting at the end of the week to regroup and answer any questions

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