Employee End of the Year Checklist

Employee End of Year Checklist
  • Confirm Employees’ Identifying Information (and that it\'s correct)

  • Legal name

  • Social Security number

  • Address

  • Prepare For Your Form W-2 Responsibilities

  • Order forms

  • Review records

  • Pay attention to nuances (changes due to life events)

  • Fill out forms

  • Distribute to employees

  • File Forms W-2 (and W-3) with the SSA and any state and local governments

  • Check Employment Tax Rates And Wage Bases

  • Keep an eye out for your new SUTA tax rate (your state will likely send this to you) and any wage base changes

  • Pay attention to the new Social Security wage base

  • Sneak a peek at the IRS’s federal income tax withholding tables

  • Review Employee Benefits

  • Accrued time off

  • Retirement plan eligibility

  • Insurance

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