Hack Organizing a Learning Space

  • Create a learning space: a desk, plywood across filing cabinets, one space on the shared table.

  • Make it "Learning Only:" Use painter\'s tape to box off an area, remove all distractions, create a plan to transform it into a workspace each day (if it\'s also a space used for eating at times too)

  • Make it Special: put up charts or photos to make the space individualized

  • Make it Helpful: Hide an index card with log-in information for things like student id, email, Google Classroom, online reading programs, online grading programs etc.

  • Make a toolbox: a cup or can will do! Fill it with necessary learning items like pencils, pens, highlighters, scissors, markers, etc. If you have to share space, make it something easy to move around

  • Outline Spaces: if you tend to lose things over and over again, try making a space for them with a tape outline or a stickynote of where they go. Check for these things before you leave your desk.

  • Decide where distractions will go (at least 4 feet away, on silent or turned off)

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