Quick and Easy Cover Letter Check

Cover Letter Checklist
  • Make sure you have the right format

  • Around 400 words

  • Three to four paragraphs

  • Font size between 10 and 12

  • An attention-grabbing first paragraph

  • Do you have one?

  • Include examples of relevant work accomplishments

  • At least three work accomplishments that match the job description you are applying for

  • Set the right tone, without clichés

  • Does your cover letter sound professional, friendly, enthusiastic?

  • Avoid dead phases like "I\'m a fast learner."

  • Prove that you know the company you’re applying for

  • Include something about their company values or mission statement

  • Make sure you have addressed your cover letter to the correct person

  • Make sure you\'re caught all typos

  • Proofread your letter a few times

  • Have someone else read it

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