Whirlpool On Tour 2017

  • Whirlpool Black Stainless Suite

  • Place Water Spray Bottle, Chocolate Sauce, Paint Brush & Microfiber Cloth inside WRF555 Refrigerator

  • Cover WDTA50 Dishwasher with Black Cloth provided by Hotel

  • Place TotalCoverage Spray arm and regular spray arm on top of WDTA50 Dishwasher

  • Place Empty Pizza Box on top of WFE525 Range (This will also be used while talking about Scan to Cook later)

  • Cook bowl of tomato sauce inside WMH53521 MHC, let the tomato sauce explode in MHC to demo CleanRelease

  • Whirlpool Power Pair

  • Cover WDT970 Dishwasher with Black Table Cloth provided by Hotel

  • Place Spatulas/Third Level Rack items on top of WDT970 Dishwasher

  • KitchenAid Power Pair

  • Stage KRFC704 Refrigerator with Fruit & Pellegrino Bottle

  • Remove Preserva Preserver and Air Filter from Manual Package and Place so it is easily accessible in the refrigerator

  • Cover KDTM354 Dishwasher with Black Cloth provided by hotel

  • Place Microfine Filter and Microfine Filter in Housing & ProDry Components on top of KDTM354 Dishwasher

  • Set up Clear Dish Door Demo for KA 354 Dish

  • Place Lights (in baggies), Clamps and Door next to 354 Dishwasher, Verify Lights Working

  • (Once KA234 Dish is Available) Cover with Black Cloth Provided by hotel & Stage with KitchenAid Utensil on the 3rd Level Rack

  • Laundry

  • Place yard Stick next to 765 Washer

  • (If 7500 is not available) Set up Sump Pump Demo on 765 Washer, Deep Water Wash Fill Just BEFORE training begins. Drain and Fill before each session (washer drains after 3 hours with lid closed)

  • (If 7500 is available) Set up Sump Pump on this model instead to demonstrate the water faucet.

  • Hang Whirlpool Tshirt on Compact Laundry Stack Kit

  • General Set Up

  • First Thing in the Morning, Verify internet working (we did not pay for internet on set up/tear down days)

  • Verify Clicker is working, Place near projector

  • Place 2 sets of balloons near projector and one set near entrance

  • Place WOT poster on easel near entrance

  • Empty candy into Candle Bowl provided in Prop Box to pass out for participation

  • In the Morning - pull up email from Laurie Cook and set up SDR to check each attendee in

  • Make sure all product is Showroom Ready and plugged in (if possible)

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