5 Sales Tasks You Can Delegate To a Virtual Assistant

5 Sales Tasks You Can Delegate To a Virtual Assist
  • Create Emails and Newsletters:  A marketing virtual assistant can draft customer and prospect communications such as sales letter or newsletters.

  • Answer Live Chat 24/7:  Live Chat tools mean that your business may be available 24/7, but that doesn\'t mean you personally should be available 24/7/365. A customer support virtual assistant - or several of them - can provide immediate response and support to prospects who have a question before they make a purchase.

  • Researching and Contacting Leads:   A VA can do online research to find new prospects for you to contact. Virtual Assistants with sales experience can contact your leads to prequalify them and schedule an appointment to speak with a salesperson - you!

  • E-commerce Sales:   E-commerce virtual assistants specialize in online selling. Roles such as fulfillment, ad campaigns, inventory posting and product descriptions can all be outsourced to a VA.

  • Free Your Time To Sell More;  A key skill of a good business owner or salesperson is they are closers - they can sell their product or services. If you are so busy doing tedious but necessary tasks that you can\'t do what you do best - sell - then you\'re not doing yourself any favors. Hire a VA to do the tasks that will free your time to sell more, such as social media, blogging, invoicing or data entry.

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