7 Reasons to Hire a Sales Coach - And 1 Not To

7 Reasons to Hire a Sales Coach - and 1 Not To
  • 7 Reasons to Hire an External Sales Coach

  • A sales coach can make you work harder than you would on your own. No matter how high your internal motivation, having an expert watching and analyzing your performance will push you to work harder. 

  • A sales coach isn\'t afraid to challenge you. You may be your company\'s top sales performer: but that doesn\'t mean you can\'t perform higher. A sales coach is there for one purpose: to improve your performance. Your boss may be afraid to challenge you for fear of losing you: a sales coach\'s only incentive is for you to perform better.  

  • A sales coach can introduce you to new sales tools and strategies. An internal sales trainer knows your company inside and out. An external sales coach works with many sales people in many companies, and often many industries. A sales coach will have diverse experiences and knowledge that can broaden your skill set and make the difference. 

  • A sales coach designs a custom training program to address your performance goals and weaknesses. A sales coach\'s career depends on their ability to deliver results and get solid referrals and recommendations. To achieve that, every client is a priority and they can\'t risk providing a standard, one-size-fits-all coaching program. 

  • A sales coach will hold you accountable to your goals and for your actions. A coach will have time and access to your performance on a daily basis, not a quarterly basis. A trust relationship with a sales coach means the sales person has someone to go to before a sale tanks, not after. 

  • A sales coach will help you reduce stress and increase your happiness. One of the frustrations of a career in sales is it can be lonely - its just you and the prospect. But success or failure - making or breaking the sale - is public, in a company especially everyone know the results of your sales efforts. A good sales coach is also a mentor, who instills you with confidence and encouragement as well as feedback and skill development. 

  • A sales coach wants to help you make more money. A sales coach\'s career success is based on their clients\' success. Sales coaches are hired to improve the bottom line. A good relationship between a salesperson and their sales coach is mutually beneficial: they both are vested in it succeeding. Not every person can be a great sales person, and not every sales coach is the right sales coach for every salesperson. 

  • 1 Reason Not to Hire an External Sales Coach 

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