How To Connect With Prospects for New Sales Leads: 13 Tips, Resources and a Checklist

How To Connect With Prospect for New Sales Leads
  • "In business, it is most often all about getting your foot in the door, and once you do, everything opens up and things start to naturally progress into bigger and more opportunities." - Mark Cuban

  • Build Relationships: Sales success is about building relationships, not about the one-time deal. Your prospect is talking to you for one reason, and one reason only — because they have a need that’s not being met. ABC 

  • Do Your Homework: If you are planning to prospect for sales leads, learn as much as you can about the person before you try to connect with them. Check out their website. Scan their social media. Google their name. 

  • Find Common Ground: Chances are, your research will show you have something in common with your prospect. You\'re in the same industry. You\'re from the same home state. You both like pizza. You\'re both skiers. You both have kids in grade school. Whatever it is, use your common ground as the starting point to connect with your prospect.

  • Practice and Perfect Your Elevator Speech: Many of your prospecting calls will be planned: you\'ve dedicated time to research and make cold calls, attend networking activities, participate in industry events. But many of your opportunities to connect with prospects are unplanned: someone you met in line at Starbucks, your kid\'s baseball game or waiting to board a plane. Whenever the opportunity arises, your prospecting elevator speech should be ready to go. Get my checklist: 7 Tips to Craft a Memorable Elevator Speech 

  • Ask Questions: My first rule of sales is LISTEN = SILENT. Same letters, but dramatically different actions. Talk less and listen more. Its about your prospect, not about you. If you want to learn about a prospect, ask a leading question then be quiet and listen to what they have to say. And learn how you can solve their problem. 

  • Be Sincere: Don\'t be over-eager and pushy, show a sincere interest in your prospect by being friendly and authentic.  

  • Solve Their Problem: Whatever their problem is, figure out how you can solve their problem. Ideally, their problem is industry related and your product or service can solve their problem. But if your prospect is distracted with a personal problem, be their hero and solve that problem so they can move on. A good sales person has an arsenal of information at their disposal and knows how find and provide information. 

  • Track Your Outreach: Organization and follow-through are key to sales success. If your prospect is out of town, leave a message saying you\'ll get back to them. Then do it. 

  • Most consumers buy after 7 contacts with a company. Most companies give up after 2. -->  

  • Prospecting Strategies

  • Send An Email: For every $1 companies spend on email marketing, they generate $40 in sales. Get my checklist: 11 Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales 

  • Reach Out on LinkedIn: LinkedIn reigns supreme for lead generation among all social networks. It is the only professional online social network to make business connections. Get my checklist: 6 Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Game 

  • Ask for a Referral: Did your research show you and your prospect have a common contact? Ask for a referral. Get my checklist: How to Ask for a Referral

  • Cold Calls: Cold prospecting isn\'t easy - it requires persistence and creativity to reach your prospect and quickly convince them to speak with you. Whether your cold calls are actual telephone calls, emails, social media messages or networking events, be prepared, listen and follow through so your cold call has a shot at becoming a hot lead. 

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