7 Tips to Fill Your Sales Funnel This Summer

7 Tips to Fill Your Sales Funnel This Summer
  • Create Content: How does your target audience discover your business? Identify the ways your audience has traditionally found you, and new opportunities for new audiences to discover you. Use this slow time to refine your current content strategy, create new content for the coming months and develop new content outlets you haven\'t tried yet.  

  • Build a New Landing Page: Does your marketing send prospects to your website? Get creative and build a new landing page that will work for you and entice visitors to move on to the next step. Test it by checking the bounce rate - how long visitors stay on your landing page.

  • Test New CTAs: Words matter. The right CTAs on your website can convince a visitor to take action - or make them move on. Creating a good Call-To-Action takes time and creativity. 

  • Develop a New Lead Magnet: Lead magnets a tool to build your mailing list, often a freebie given away via a CTA on a landing page. Study your target audience and profile your ideal customer to identify types of lead magnets that are meaningful and desired by your ideal customer. 

  • Update Your Facebook Ad Strategy: Everyone loves to hate Facebook. But for many small business owners and salespeople, Facebook is a proven successful sales and marketing tool. According to HootSuite, you can create the perfect FB ad in just minutes (but don\'t be surprised if it takes you longer).

  • Develop a New Email Campaign: Know your audience so you can create an email campaign that meets their needs - not yours.

  • Expand Your Network: Do you normally generate new business leads through email campaigns or Facebook ads? Up your interpersonal skills and engage with prospects face-to-face at trade shows, networking events, and small business forums. 

  • Mixing The Perfect Sales Cocktail by Antony Caliendo:  http://www.thesalesassassin.com/go/salescocktailmp3-pa002

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