Optimising Your Franchise Website

  • Write about your local area - this helps cement your site as a local one, which is what most franchises are about

  • Get listings on local websites - check out Facebook groups, local directory sites and other places that mention your location

  • Offer to help other websites - If you have a product or service that might be of help to others, offer to help them by writing for their website

  • Get featured on your main franchise website - ask to have content published on your main franchise website (eg: http://bit.ly/2Aq7sLM), it will help promote you and your site

  • Get featured in local press - does your free newspaper need someone to help? Could you be that person?

  • Ensure you have plenty of calls to action - make sure your website makes it easy for people to contact you

  • Stay on subject - stick to your core subject, don\'t dilute your message by blogging about unrelated products or services

  • Get a free website audit - use a free tool such as https://www.seoptimer.com/ or https://zadroweb.com/seo-auditor/ send the report to your franchisor

  • Use WikiPedia - Search for your area of expertise and see if you can update the content with your knowledge

  • Become known locally for what you do - both online and offline, be the best person to ask for information about your subject

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