How to Accept Mobile Credit Card Payments on Stripe

Accept mobile credit card payments on Stripe. Accept mobile credit card payments on Stripe.
  • 1. Download the ChargeStripe app

  • You can get the ChargeStripe app for free from the Apple or Android app store. Install it on your phone, and we’ll guide you through the rest.

  • 2. Set up your Stripe account in the ChargeStripe app. You\'ll need to have the following information ready: 

  • Business email address

  • Physical business address

  • Business phone number

  • Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number: 

  • Website or social media profile

  • Personal information: Including your name, home address, birthday, and last four digits of your Social Security Number

  • Checking account number and routing number

  • 3. Accept mobile credit card payment on Stripe anywhere, on the go!

  • Swipe with our card reader in person 

  • Take an order over the phone, and type in card information

  • Scan a card using your phone’s camera.

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