11 Questions To Ask BEFORE Hiring an Immigration Lawyer in 2021

Questions To Ask BEFORE You Hire an Immigration La
  • Why Should I Hire An Immigration Lawyer? By not using a lawyer you put your business and your family at risk.

  • Do You Offer a Free Consultation? We evaluate whether we offer the immigration services you require during a free initial consultation with our Intake Officer or Client Engagement Coordinator.

  • How Much Will You Charge? Ackah Law operates on a flat fee basis: What we quote is what you\'ll pay.

  • Have You Handled A Case Like Mine? What Is Your Success Rate? We\'re proud of our success rate. We don\'t sell dreams, we sell success! We exclusively practice immigration law: when our clients are successful, we\'re successful!

  • I Am Not In Canada. How Can We Stay In Contact? Our legal team is available 24/7/365. We stay in touch via email, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime and other virtual technologies. For clients in Canada, we have offices in Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

  • Are You A Licensed Lawyer? Founder and Managing Lawer of Ackah Business Immigration Law Evelyn Ackah was first called to the Ontario bar in 1999 and to the Alberta bar in 2008.

  • Do You Specialize In Immigration Law? What Kind of Law Do You Practice? Ackah Law focuses solely on Canada and U.S. immigration law, and related cross-border business law and human resources law and policy.

  • How Big Is Your Law Firm? Ackah Law opened in 2010. Our team of lawyers and paralegals in Canada and the United States directly assist our clients, plus our support staff keeps the office functioning efficiently and smoothly.

  • Are Your Clients Satisfied? Do You Have Online Reviews? We are very proud that our clients are satisfied with the service they receive from our legal team and our client testimonials, and we have online client reviews on Facebook and Google. https://www.ackahlaw.com/about/testimonials

  • What Languages Do You Speak? Our immigration legal team speaks more than a dozen languages including English, French, Spanish, Cantonese, Punjabi and Tagalog.

  • Do You Have Time For My Case? During your initial consultation, our intake officer will review your information, schedule a time to discuss your unique immigration needs and timeline, and make an assessment on whether we are your best option to help your immigration problem.

  • Schedule A Free Legal Strategy Consultation: https://www.ackahlaw.com/about/contact/book-a-consultation

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