How To Move To Canada From the UK

How to Move to Canada from the UK
  • Immigration Opportunities To Move to Canada from Great Britain: Each IRCC immigration program has specific requirements and opportunities to move to Canada, which are frequently updated based on current immigration policy and employment needs.

  • Entrepreneurs, Investors, StartUps and Self-employed

  • Study Permit

  • Intra-company Job Transfer

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program

  • Canada–European Union Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (CETA)

  • Express Entry

  • Provincial Nominee Program

  • Family Sponsorship

  • Qualifications to Move to Canada: Each Canada immigration program has its own requirements and qualifications. In general,

  • Be at least 18 years old

  • Have a skill needed by Canadian employers OR a job offer in writing OR family members in Canada who qualify to sponsor you OR be accepted to study at a designated learning institute

  • Speak English or French

  • Be accepted to study at a Designated Learning Institute

  • Have sufficient income to support yourself

  • No criminal history

  • Provide required documentation for the immigration program you have chosen

  • Pass a background check including biometrics

  • Complete a medical examination

  • Things That Can Make You Inadmissible to Move to Canada

  • Criminal History or Conviction: Even a criminal charge can make you inadmissible to move to Canada. In some situations, someone with a past criminal history can be deemed criminally rehabilitated, and no longer inadmissible

  • Security Concerns: Issues with espionage, violence, terrorism and war crimes

  • Medical Reasons: Health conditions that could impact the general public or cause a financial burden on Canadian health services

  • Misrepresentation: Lying, falsifying or otherwise misprepresenting your situation and background on an immigration application

  • Inadmissible Family Member: If you have a family member who was ruled inadmissible to enter Canada, you may be deemed inadmissible also

  • Are You an Immigrant Entrepreneur Who Wants to Leave England Due to Brexit?

  • Canada Welcomes Immigrant Entrepreneurs

  • International Student Immigrants

  • To study in Canada, international students usually require a Study Permit

  • Do You Want to Move To Canada from Britain?

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