Handstand Progression - 04/13/19

Handstand Handstand
  • Open your shoulders through targeted stretching for the handstand

  • Be able to hold your arms up while the lower back touches the wall (back to wall - 1 min)

  • Lie on the floor with the lower back touching the floor (arms and feet up - 1 min) 

  • Do a "90 Degree Wall plank" (1 min)

  • Do a tripod headstand ( fight the fear of upside down - 1 min)

  • Touch your toes while sitting with straight legs

  • Do a "165 Degree Wall Plank" (semi-handstand)

  • Hold a "Back to wall" Handstand against the wall ( 1 min)

  • Learn how to bail out from the wall with a cardwheel

  • Hold a "Chest to wall" Handstand against the wall ( 1 min)

  • Be able to stand on one leg  with eyes closed to get in touch with your balance ( 15 sec)

  • Understand the your hand position is a important key (learn about the cambered hand position)

  • If you would like to see all exercises (and more that help you to achieve those milestones with full control) with short videos  you can easily get them here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.calis.handstand

  • Be able to do the wall scissor handstand ( only 1 leg at the wall and change - 10 reps)

  • Back to wall - Be able to pull your heels away from the wall and hold 15 sec

  • Now you move into advanced exercises. Start with a Tripod Headstand where legs move up and down

  • Learn how to reliably kick up and hold (Can you do 3 kick ups in a row)

  • Aim for a 15 second handstand

  • Learn how to overbalance and correct

  • Aim for a 30 second handstand

  • Go back to the wall and gain some strength holding only with 1 arm (against the wall)

  • You are on your way to a 1 min handstand

  • If you would like to get more help and want to track your journey. Our team prepared an app exactly for that purpose - see below.

  • Let us know how you are doing

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