Top Phone Apps For Working Out

  • C25K - Great for people who want to learn how to get in shape by running!

  • FitOn - FREE! Absolutely free with zero additional purchases. Workout with yoga, dance, and much more!

  • Fitbod - Collects your fitness data and helps you build core strength.

  • Strava - The social media equivalent of a running app. Connect with friends and coaches!

  • MapMyRun - Powered by Under Armour, tracks your runs and helps you find new routes in your area.

  • Charity Miles - Earn money for a charity of your choice just by running!

  • Sworkit - A personal trainer in your pocket! Connect with certified trainers and begin your strength training journey.

  • JEFIT - A strength app that closely monitors your progress. This app is perfect for beginners to advanced strength trainers!

  • PEAR - Free 2 week trial, $5.99/month after. For running, basic workouts, strength training, it\'s like having a personal trainer in your pocket!

  • Daily Yoga - Bring zen to your life for only $9.99/month and get a great workout! Rated #1 for yoga apps.

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