Winter Essentials for a Baby

baby winter essentials baby winter essentials
  • Snow suit - more than just a heavy blanket, you\'ll want something warm that fits the baby\'s body if you\'re mobile outside

  • Hats, mittens and foot coverings for the extremities. These won\'t be necessary once you\'re inside a heated environment

  • Sweaters (around 2-3 of them) - look for some options that snap in the front for easy access and cover the whole body

  • A blanket - more than one of your lightweight "receiving blankets," you\'ll need something warmer like fleece that protects against snow, sleet and wind

  • Footed sleepers and sleep sacks (around 3-5 of them) - these are helpful to keep the baby warm without overheating him/her

  • Get a heavy stroller blanket and a car seat cover

  • Moisturizer/lotion for the baby\'s body - ones that do not contain perfume. Find ones particular for baby skin with ingredients like almond, olive, coconut or palm oil

  • Home & car emergency kits

  • Hand sanitizer

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