10 Ways To Love Yourself More

  • Understand that you are relevant. You matter to the world.  Your opinions matter.  Your work matters.  Your feelings matter. You\'ve already touched numerous lives

  • Understand that your greatest mistakes don\'t define you. Your mistakes may have influences your life, but they\'ve only changed who you are if you allowed them too. 

  • Forgive someone that has wronged you.  Forgiving  doesn\'t mean that you have to let them back in your life or forget what they have done it is simply freeing yourself.

  • Think about the best compliments you\'ve ever received.  Bask in them.  The most meaningful compliments are those that ring true all the way down in the depth of your soul.  I

  • Take a stand for something you believe in.  Be bold in your opinion of what\'s right and wrong.  Be willing to share your interests and hobbies with others.  

  • Be kind to yourself.  The world will be harsh enough on you.  There\'s no need for you to be harsh to yourself.  Make an effort to be kind to yourself.  

  • Be of service to others.  We admire those that give of themselves.  You can admire yourself by spending some time each week helping to make someone else\'s life a little easier.

  • Take care of yourself.  See the doctor and dentist.  Pay for a good haircut.  Avoid dressing like a slob.  Avoid being obsessed with your appearance, but give it the att

  •  Do something nice for yourself.  Take the trip you\'ve been putting off.  Buy yourself a book.  Take a class on a topic that interests you.  Buy those expensive shoes!

  • Remember your greatest successes.  Remember how amazing you are.  You\'ve done lots of great things.  Remind yourself of them every single day.

This checklist was created by lneumen

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