15 Ways to a Blissful Bedtime

sleep well and regularly To wake up feeling energized and refreshed--ready for the world--you need solid sleep.
  • Aim for consistent shut down and wake times to promote a regular sleep cycle.

  • Get the National Sleep Foundation\'s recommended hours of sleep: adults 18-64, seven to nine hours.

  • Shut down screens one hour before laying down (I know, it\'s HARD!): credible studies show blue-light levels emitted from electronic devices have a significant effect on sleep quality and patterns.

  • Wear a comfortable sleep mask if too much light creeps in your room.

  • Use a white noise machine with nature soundscapes if you have trouble tuning out distractions (i.e., vehicles, sirens, snoring!, appliances)

  • Stop eating at least two hours before bedtime.

  • Easy on the alcohol: drinking alcoholic beverages before bed affects the body\'s ability to get restorative sleep, can aggravate breathing problems and causes extra trips to the bathroom!

  • Easy on the caffeine: know your body\'s caffeine cutoff time and stick to it. That extra energy drink or black tea at 3pm just might keep you up until 3am!

  • Aromatherapy: use linen sprays or oil warmers with calming essential oils such as lavender, chamomile or rose

  • Avoid negative images before bed--the news, horror films, crime shows. That can cause anxiety or nightmares, hence poor quality sleep.

  • Invest in your bed: good mattresses, pillows and bed linens create a level of comfort and support that are worth the expense.

  • Keep a clutter free bedroom. Less clutter, less chaos in the mind and body. Everything is energy!

  • What images make you feel at ease? Use your walls to hang art, family pictures, positive quote decals or vision boards that make you feel relaxed and thankful.

  • EXERCISE. Do sweaty activities. Release endorphins with a great workout, yoga class or SEX. You will feel great and sleep better.

  • Having extreme bouts of insomnia? Monitor sleep with the help of an app like Pillow for iPhone and schedule an appointment with your primary care physician.

  • For more on WHY you need to sleep: https://wp.me/p99lk1-6V

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