8 Easy Tips To Start Journaling

8 easy steps to start journaling Start Journaling Today!
  • Protect your privacy -  Always reserve the first page for your name and number in the off chance you ever lose your journal.  If you prefer electronic journaling consider opening a separate

  • Date Your Entries - If you are only able to establish ONE habit when it comes to journaling, make sure that dating your journal entries is that habit

  • Keep and read what you write - This can be very helpful when you are using journaling to process emotions or going through a difficult time.  It is always nice to loo

  • Be truthful - Your own personal truth is not your enemy.  You are only writing for yourself so write what is truly on your heart and mind.  If you are worried about some

  • When you start, don\'t stop.  When you start a new entry don\'t stop writing until you\'ve goggten everything out and onto paper as you wanted to.  Let everything flow out naturally.

  • Write Naturally - The best thing about journaling is that there are no rules and nothing dictating how you have to write.  Don\'t overthink how or what you are writing.

  • Start with a quick meditation moment.  Close your eyes, take a deep breath and spend a moment doing a quick meditation to get you in the mood for a writing session.

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